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The Attitudes of Ms Erica

The lady of the house is full of love,
 but tread softly...
she does have her moments.

I'm ready if you are.
 ejmdy1.jpg (45882 bytes)

Yes, I am a bitch, what of it?
ejmdy2.jpg (47871 bytes)

And just what
 brings you home so late?
ejmdy3.jpg (50238 bytes)

You don't really expect me 
to believe that, do you?ejmdy4.jpg (52090 bytes)

If you want me your just
 going to have to prove it.
ejmdy5.jpg (42865 bytes)

Yes, Oh yes!
ejmdy6.jpg (62375 bytes)

This smile is for you.
ejmdy7.jpg (51717 bytes)

Goodnight, my love.
ejmdy8.jpg (46168 bytes)

That was funny,
 I do love your sense of humor
.ejmdy9.jpg (42215 bytes)

Hello Love
ejmdy10.jpg (41041 bytes)

Are we going dancing tonight?
ejmdy11.jpg (46134 bytes)

 Ready to rock!
ejmdy12.jpg (38081 bytes)


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