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The Ecstasy of Erica

Hello and Welcome to my little corner of this marvelous universe we know as the Internet. 


My name is Erica. I'm a male heterosexual crossdresser in my early 50's. I enjoy the feminine mystique and try my best to embrace the entire experience. I love to cook and derive much satisfaction in a nurturing role. I am married to an incredible woman and have two daughters who bring me joy beyond belief. I also have a sister a couple of years my senior whose closet I raided on numerous occasions while we were growing up (without her knowledge, until a few years ago). 

I have had this inclination for as long as I can remember, age 7 or 8 with several years of dormancy intertwined with periods of secretive dressing, I have finally chosen to fully embrace my being. 

This is an adult site. It contains no pornographic content although it does center around a man impersonating a woman. If this offends you in any way or if you are under the age of 18, please use your back key and leave now. Thank you, but this just isn't for you...................... Toodle-oo

If, on the other hand, you intend to join me please click on my dancing figure below and let me walk with you through Erica's Ecstasy

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Many thanks to all of my sister's across the USA and around the globe who have offered their encouragement and  assistance in my coming out. A very special thank you to Heather for being there and pulling my strings and to my homegirl Joanne for making me feel so good. It's not possible to thank my comrades enough, we have all tread a similar path and share so much in common.

Please linger for a moment when you finish the tour and sign my guestbook. I would cherish your comments on my display and your thoughts about the presentation before you get away from me. Please return for another visit when you get a moment, I would love to see you again

I love you all!

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