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The Dawning of Ecstasy:
A Dream in Realization

The Ecstasy began in the mid 1950's during what I believe was a preadolescent crush on my second grade teacher in hot and sultry south Louisiana. I thoroughly enjoyed my status as teacher's pet. Miss C, I'll call her, was the consummate mid-fifties coordinated woman, so stylish from her tasteful coiffure to her elegant high heels. So kind and understanding with a gentle smile that brightened our day. One of the most beloved teachers in our school. As you can see by the image below, she was the epitome of womanhood for the era.

I have only recently traced the beginnings of my femme self to Miss C, although the whole persona of Erica has been molded through the years by other icons of womanhood I have been acquainted with or adored from afar.

Naturally, my mother played a large role and was instrumental in the development of many traits that have allowed me to enjoy life and , hopefully enrich the lives of my family and friends, she was an incredible cook and homemaker and I spent hours in the kitchen helping her with family meals and now as a personal chef, cooking is just second nature to me.

There were the glamorous and tragic movie stars of the period, the list would be a long one and many are still icons to womanhood and thrive with their influence on me unabated. I try to pay tribute to these stars and are mindful of them. Whenever I slip on my feminine apparel I am reaching for that unreachable star and dreaming the impossible dream. As silly as some may think, it is an impersonation that yields a great comfort and satisfaction, a true ecstasy.

Crossdressing is an activity that hurts no one, violates, it seems, a few outdated and bizarre mores of society and provides the participant an occasional flight of fancy and a way of expression unequaled by other means. I am, essentially, the same person en femme or non femme, yet when dressed in my feminine attire I just feel better. Even when the exterior clothes are masculine, if I am wearing my feminine under garments I have a sense of comfort that alters me in a positive way.

Why the fixation on clothes, you ask? I truly can't tell you. Except to say, or ask, is there a particular outfit or suit of clothes that you wear which gives you confidence and to which you gravitate when an important function is upcoming?

I believe we all have favorite clothes we wear for special occasions in our lives, are we all impersonating something when we attire ourselves with these special clothes? Not really, clothes are just that, cotton or rayon, silk or satin. "if it looks good ,wear it", the clothes don't make the man or woman", but they do speak volumes on our inner confidence and appearance is a societal requirement even in these days of grunge and pop-cultural extreme.

So, next time you see a nice looking person walking down the street, take notice, but please don't take offense if they may be wearing an outfit not in keeping with society's image.

We are not all candidates for the Jerry Springer Show, we may just feel better and more expressive than the next guy at the moment. Living, breathing, adaptable and riding the same planet with you. Embrace the diversity and go shopping for your own favorite feel good clothes.

Now, enough of the consciousness raising, self -driven psycho-babble and on to MY STORY. It's a story not unlike any other lifelong crossdresser. You will hear a slightly different story with the same recurrent theme. Unless you are interested in the topic, you will probably be bored to tears, but I just need to get it out there to encourage all of my closeted sisters to grab their garter belts and march on.

Thank you for visiting. Please continue or take a break and look at some of my pictures, lovingly taken for your enjoyment. Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I would be happy to share with you any insights or even a few of my favorite recipes, if you so desire. LIFE IS FOR LOVING!

 Your mistress, 


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